There is a hero among us inside the NFM Family of Lenders. Main Street Home Loans’ Nathan Hartseil has quite a story to tell…in fact, he has several. It is our distinct honor to feature Nathan as our February 2022 NFM Salute.

NFM Lending is pleased to honor Sergeant Nathan Hartseil, USMC, as the NFM Salute for February 2022.

As a youth in Illinois, Hartseil was unsure of what career path to take, but he knew he wanted to do something to benefit others. His grandfather, one of his heroes, did just that with his life. William Hartseil served in Korea as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, earning a Purple Heart. His grandfather’s memories and life lessons influenced Hartseil’s values and decision to enter the military. “I wanted to do something meaningful, helpful, gain some discipline, maturity, and direction to lay the foundation for the rest of my life,” remembers Hartseil. After finishing high school, this desire to better himself and become more like his role model led Hartseil to join the Marines in 1997.

Within the first two and a half years of his service, Hartseil distinguished himself when he was chosen to participate in a security forces training program. As part of the elite Marine Security Force, he guarded national leaders, including President Bill Clinton. Eventually, Hartseil returned to the infantry as a squad leader. 

The Marines allowed him to travel and train with the best of the nation’s defense, stationing him in Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. The camaraderie and values he gained in the military were life-changing. Four and a half years into serving, Hartseil transitioned into a reservist role. At the same time, he pursued his education at Eastern Illinois University. Though he had not left the military, it was still a lifestyle shift. “The first month was a little difficult because you live such a different life in the Marine Corps from the perfect way you dress to cutting your hair, and to come back to a no-military setting is overwhelming,” said Hartseil. “However, the experiences I gained from other countries helps you mentally adapt to all ways of life.” Soon enough, he was thriving and enjoying college and civilian life. In 2005, Hartseil left the Marines after eight years of service.

After finishing his degree, Hartseil started working as a pipefitter but found he loved interacting with customers and went into automotive sales. From 2006 to 2008, Hartseil worked in the mortgage industry, but the two firms he worked for went bankrupt during the 2008 financial crisis. His next venture involved joining a small company specializing in commercial development financing, but the economy at the time was not optimal for long-term success. So Hartseil was left to adapt once again. In 2013, he boldly moved from Chicago to Boston and returned to the mortgage industry.

In 2020, he joined Main Street Home Loans (MSHL) as an Area Manager. Since then, Hartseil has grown his team and closed over $180 million in loans since joining. He is consistently included in the Top 1% of Loan Originators in America by Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Executive Magazine. Hartseil has found a home in MSHL, saying, “It reminds me in some aspects of my military days in the brotherhood, camaraderie, and family aspect. So far, my experience has been nothing short of amazing, and I truly feel the best is yet to come. Here at Main Street, I have been given the freedom to build and create, and I believe we as a team have just started.”

Hartseil lives in Sagamore Beach, MA, with his wife and children. He is actively involved with his local chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

NFM Lending is proud to present $2,500 to the Gary Sinise Foundation on behalf of Hartseil.