Shad Lorenz is a 12 year United States Army Veteran with two combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After September 11th, Shad enlisted in the United States Army. “I wanted to serve and do my part for my country,” said Shad. “After spending 12 years Active Duty and serving with some of the finest soldiers I have had the privilege to meet, serving my country with the people I have and supporting this country is the greatest honor I have ever been a part of.”

During his 12 years of service, he has conducted extensive military training that was both physically and mentally challenging. His experience playing sports as a youth helped him with this training. Shad grew up playing a variety of sports: baseball, basketball, track and football. Enlisting in the Infantry was a big step towards continuing his interest in fitness. The Military places an emphasis on physical training with long distance runs, unit foot marches, and various other body weight exercises.

Outside of the Military, Shad was introduced to weightlifting through friends, who would lift weights after work and on weekends. It started out as a hobby, but began to evolve the more he looked into the sport of weightlifting. This lead to Lorenz and his wife opening CrossFit Germantown Performance, a gym in Germantown, MD.

Shad choose The Gary Sinise Foundation to receive the $2,500 donation made by NFM Salute on his behalf.